About Us

SESTO is an established and accredited service provider that offers a cross section of learnerships across a range of functional areas. It seeks to address the growing demand for outcomes-based education, a new need created by the government's Skills Development Act.

Traditional training providers focus on General Education and Higher Education. Our primary focus is on Further Education, with a specific focus on SAQA accredited training.

As part of it's growth strategy within the training market, a range of related services have been created to complement our core competencies:

• We provide outcomes-based skills development solutions for organisations across several industries.
• We help individuals and organisations realise their full potential and manage change through innovative education and training, recruitment, and human resource management.
• We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the competitive edge to achieve better management results and to increase existing market share.
• Our clients, employees and investors fuel our drive to greater heights in providing our clients with the right solutions to translate daily activity into profit.
• Based on ethical business practices, the institution will continue developing business solutions and training programmes with superior content to service the user community.