Who we are

SESTO is an innovative and responsive organisation that offers vocational training, educational consulting, and value-added business support services to a range of clients which include government, commerce, educational institutions, not-for-profit organisations and our learners. We have recently celebrated 17 years in skills development and have since inception delivered in excess of 18,000 learnerships in more than 30 locations in South Africa. SESTO has a B-BBEE scorecard rating of Level 2 (51% Black ownership; which includes 17% ownership in the category of Black women living with disabilities).

As an educational institution we view ourselves as solution providers – addressing the challenges which often require innovative, and responsive, first-of-type solutions. To this end, we have been involved with the delivering of skills development and related training interventions that range from large scale national learnership projects and skills programmes to conducting training workshops to middle and senior management staff, to project managing provincial educational projects for the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) under the National Skills Fund (NSF).

In terms of regulatory compliance, SESTO is nationally accredited training provider. Although our primary accreditation originates with Services SETA, we deliver learnerships and skills programmes through a range of SETAs through extension of program scope under several memorandum of understandings with other SETAs. SESTO is accredited to deliver a variety of learnerships with Services SETA, Food and Beverages SETA (FoodBev), Wholesale and Retail SETA (WRSeta), Transport Seta (TETA), Financial and Accounting Seta (FASSET).

Our registration as an accredited training provider is affected under the national accreditation code: Services SETA 0307. As an accredited training provider, we offer nationally recognised qualifications that comply with South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) standards.

In addition to providing learnership qualifications nationally, SESTO also delivers short courses, skills programmes, workshops to develop professionals, and to organisations seeking to develop their employees as a strategic response to developing organisational capability in a specific area of need. As a client-centric organisation focused on building quality relationships with individuals, organisations and other stakeholders we seek to deliver quality training to individuals and organisations, together with related educational consulting and support services to organisations across a diverse range of industry sectors.

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