People Management (UASC-PM)

This short course has as its focus, corporate ethics and the promotion of organisational values, the code of conduct and ethical practices. Candidates who attend the course learn how to apply ethical principles in the recruitment and selection of suitable candidates to fulfill defined positions and then in the development and management of the talents inherent in the team.

Candidates who complete this course will be able to:

  • understand the relationship between values, ethics and organisational culture and how they impact on achieving goals and objectives in the workplace
  • apply the concept of corporate ethics to people management
  • determine whether or not the principles of corporate ethics are applied in their own units
  • formulate recommendations for promoting organisational values, the code of conduct and ethical practices in the management of human resources
  • plan and prepare for recruitment and selection of human resources
  • recruit and select suitable human resources
  • analyse education, training and development needs of team members
  • prepare a training needs analysis
  • compile a people development plan for a business unit
  • implement a people development plan.

The units of the People Management Short Course are a subset of SAQA 59201 National Certificate: Generic Management.

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