Manage Conflict and Diversity (UASC-MCD)

This short course will introduce attendees to the importance of establishing constructive

relationships within a team and with management. Specific focus of this course is on management of conflict within teams and dealing with disagreements arising from diversity. The benefits of diversity in a team will also be investigated.

Candidates who complete this course will be able to:

  • liaise and network with internal and external stakeholders
  • devise and apply a strategy to establish constructive relationships with team members and management
  • identify and minimise personal conflicts within the business unit
  • identify the main sources of conflict in the workplace
  • devise and implement a strategy to resolve the conflict
  • understand the nature of diversity and its value to the business unit
  • manage team members taking into account similarities and differences
  • deal with disagreements and conflicts arising from diversity in the workplace.

The units of the Manage Conflict and Diversity Short Course are a subset of SAQA 59201 National Certificate: Generic Management.

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