Manage Teams (UASC-MT)

This short course will introduce attendees to the theory of teams and how to build effective teams in the workplace. Of specific focus is the importance of recognising the contribution of team members and encouraging individuals to participate in decision making. Attendees will also learn how to formulate, monitor and review performance standards for team members of a work unit.

Candidates who complete this course will be able to:

  • apply the theory of teams to team dynamics
  • apply the process of team building
  • analyse the role of the team leader in promoting team effectiveness
  • recognise team member performance
  • encourage the contribution of team members in decision making
  • delegate tasks
  • review decisions and the progress of the delegated tasks
  • formulate performance standards for team members in a unit
  • establish systems for monitoring performance of team members
  • prepare for a performance review of a team member
  • conduct performance review interviews.

The units of the Manage Teams Short Course are a subset of SAQA 59201 National Certificate: Generic Management.

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